NEW Torque Limiter Clutches: Air Adjustable Series

Here at Terog Manufacturing we are adding to our line of quality products and thrilled to introduce our newest parts produced under our brand name, Black Ace: the Air-Proof Intelligent Torque Limiters.


The Air-Proof Torque Limiter is a torque-limiting slip clutch adjusted by air pressure in the bladder of the device. When compared to conventional designs, this design offers:


  • More accurate and repeatable torque settings, resulting in better protection
  • Made with special fiber material for a longer clutch life
  • Direct component slip versus hub slip, resulting in less radial load on components


We are proud to offer quality parts for a wide variety of original equipment, as well as a large selection of replacement parts. Our engineers are constantly working to improve and create the most innovative power transmission products available in the industry today.

Visit our website for more information on the Air Adjustable Series of Torque Limiter Clutches we offer, as well as the other quality products we have available.


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