Terog Manufacturing is proud to introduce the Next Generation Bull-Pull. Improvements to the existing design have been engineered, analyzed through FEA Analysis, and field-tested. The BPF-CAT 4 replaces the BP-CAT 4 as of 06-10-16. The redesigned unit will continue to be 100% made in the USA.




Some of the redesign benefits include:


Hardened Forged Steel Body

Benefits over past austempered ductile steel include:

  • Higher strength 28% Increase in total draft load & 19% Increase in tongue load
  • Higher shock load resistance, dramatically reducing likelihood of fracture
  • Less porosity due to tighter grain structure in forging
  • Higher wear resistance, creating longer life
  • Improved consistency due to a hammer forging versus a poured casting


Redesigned Ball Insert

Benefits over past Insert and Standoff design include:

  • Ball & drawbar standoff now a single piece. This creates a more economical design, and ease of draw pin size changeover is greatly improved. A bushing is not necessary for the 2″ Draw Pin size. Bushings for smaller Draw Pins are inserted from the top side of the assembly, and contained with a snap ring.
  • Increased wear surface area. The newly designed ball has greater sphere contact surface to the Forged Body, increasing the wear life of the hitch.


Lower Cost

The most challenging factor of the redesign was reducing cost while improving the product. Even though the redesigned hitch is far superior to the old design, we are able to pass on a price reduction.


To learn more, please call for complete details.



BPF-CAT4 Assembly Instructions




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