Made from steel for heavy-duty strength, the Torque Limiter Clutches from Black Ace Parts are designed to provide accurate protection for your valuable equipment with the ability to be designed and produced for custom applications.

Air Adjustable Series

The Air-Proof Torque Limiter is a torque-limiting slip clutch adjusted by air pressure in the bladder of the device.

Patent-pending design has several benefits over conventional designs:

  • More accurate and repeatable torque settings result in better protection
  • Pressure on clutch fibers does not change when fiber wear occurs
  • One model can cover an extensive range of applications
  • Easy service requiring no seals, springs, valves, or O-rings
  • Adjustment only requires compressed air and a pressure gauge
  • Special fiber material will not rust or freeze to mating areas
  • Compact design

Spring Adjustable Series

  • Friction disc style
  • Steel clutch faces remain true, meaning more consistent torque
  • Steel clutch hubs are stronger and don’t rust as quickly as cast iron
  • Steel hubs don’t break when pulling off the shaft
  • Steel pressure plates don’t rust as quickly or distort as much as cast iron
  • Made with a wide variety of torque ranges, up to 3,000 ft-lbs
  • Made in roller chain and inline styles
  • Available with torque limiting tubes